Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bowling Alley Effort Appears To Be Legitimate

In late March, this blog reported that a Dorchester business owner had strong interest in establishing a Dorchester bowling alley, especially after feedback given to Dorchester's new planning commission and community task force.

It appears the news was credible.  There's substantial momentum behind the proposal.

Our sources say initial plans would place a Dorchester bowling alley in the two buildings north of City Slickers Bar and Grill (one of those buildings is blighted and vacant residential space).

The interested parties have discussed the matter with the Dorchester Village Board and other leaders, we are told.

There is strong demand for such a social and entertainment venue in Dorchester and surrounding area.  As readers know, Friend and Crete both lost their bowling facilities in recent years.   As a result, those who want to bowl on league teams must wait years before they can bowl in nearby towns like Wilber or Seward.

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