Friday, July 11, 2014

Busloads Of Illegal Immigrants Coming To Town?

The immigration crisis on the southern border, involving tens of thousands of minors from El Salvador, Honduras,and Guatemala, has become a concern for the nation.  

But it's taking place 1,500 miles away, with no real impact to Nebraska or Dorchester, right?

Not so fast.  A busload of illegal immigrants may be coming to a small town near you.

Around the country, there are reports that between 60-120 illegal immigrants are being "resettled" (shipped/imported/smuggled?) into small towns, without any input from residents of the community.

And now Nebraska's U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns says about 200 undocumented children have been placed in Nebraska after arriving at the U.S. Border, most of them from Central America. This is according to a new report from Nebraska Watchdog.

Johanns’ office said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials said during a June 27 conference call that a number of months ago, about 200 children were placed with families or sponsors in Nebraska.  He said the number could be higher than 200.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Service officials said they were aware of the influx of children, but declined to comment. The children apparently have been placed in the Omaha and Grand Island areas. 

“This can’t be allowed to continue,” Johanns said. “The law needs to be changed here … or we have no border when it comes to anybody under age.” 

Johanns said when Obama said immigration laws wouldn’t be enforced for minors, he sent a signal that has been interpreted in Central America as a green light for minors.

“This is serious,” Johanns said. “We’ve got a chaotic situation on our hands.”


  1. Congratulations Nebraska, you won the migrant lottery. How's that Independence Day float looking now?

  2. We didn't vote for the idiot allowing this chaos


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