Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dorchester Sees Construction Boom -- Again!

The summer of 2014 will be one to remember.

It appears our community of Dorchester is experiencing another construction boom, generating lots of economic activity for our village.

Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative -- one of Nebraska's largest agribusinesses -- is preparing for an massive expansion of its office headquarters, as well as another new giant silo, according to information we've received.  

Some estimates put the co-op's new construction at nearly $2 million.

This as the Nebraska Department of Roads is improving and substantially expanding its Dorchester facility just west of the grain elevators.  The expansion will at least double the size of the DOR operation here in town.

And a new agribusiness is going up right now on the south end of Dorchester.

We have also noticed several homeowners improving their homes and other residential buildings.

Not bad for a town of 615.

Local officials note that not since 2008, when the new school was built, has Dorchester seen such a fury of new construction.

Take a drive around town this week if you haven't done so recently.  You'll be impressed.

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