Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10/11 Story Captures More Farm Losses From June Hail Storm

Need more proof that the recent hail storms, which hit the Dorchester earlier this month, will have a significant economic toll on our area?

We missed this 10/11 News story that aired a couple days after the June 3 storm -- so we're sharing it with you today.

In the 10/11 story and video, Dorchester farmer and feed yard owner Joel Weber looks upon what was once a massive field of corn, and not a single stock stands.

The 10/11 reporter says: "His field is leveled and muddy, and there's little to no hope his crop will be saved."

Weber says, "I just have to move on to make smart decisions to get me through the next 15 months to make up for this."

The story goes on to report that if damage is bad enough many ranchers will have the option to re-plant, but crop specialists say most crops would only yield around 50 to 55% of its potential during harvest.

Moreover, experts note that stressed plants will be more susceptible to disease later in the growing season.

As we know all too well, in rural Nebraska communities, main street always mirrors the farm economy.  Let's hope the rest of the growing season is kind to our area farmers.

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