Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Areas West And North Of Dorchester Part Of True 'Tornado Alley'?

Are the areas west and north of Dorchester part of the real "Tornado Alley"? 

Some residents in our area believe so.

On Sunday, several area communities were heavily hit by severe storms and tornadoes, including Beaver Crossing, Cordova and Sutton.  

Yesterday, Nebraskans started to clean up debris and assess the damage. (UPDATE: See this video of the Cordova area as seen on KMTV in Omaha. And this slide show from 10/11 News.)

The severe storms, including at least a dozen confirmed tornadoes, stretched approximately 90 miles, from west of Sutton to Omaha. 

Some of Sunday's tornadic activity formed in the areas immediately west and north of Dorchester.  

For many area residents, it brought back memories from years ago, including May 1992, when tornadoes wreaked havoc west and north of Dorchester.

Records dating back to the early 1900s show the tornadic activity that has come close to the Village of Dorchester has typically appeared west and north of town.

The photograph above was taken for the Associated Press on Sunday.  It shows Carlos Estrada watching a wall cloud that spawned a tornado warning northwest of Dorchester. 

The photo to the left shows is another AP image taken Sunday showing the same wall cloud near Dorchester. 

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  1. Very cool pics. Neat seeing the national media reporting from Dorchester!


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