Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pay Your Dorchester Utility Bill By Credit/Debit Card

Ever wish you could pay your Dorchester utility bill online? That option is here.

The Village of Dorchester has partnered with a payment processor so Dorchester residents can make onlinie payments using credit/debit cards, as well as electronic checks at Village Hall.

However, there is a price for convenience.  

If you pay by credit or debit card, an additional 2.49% will be added to your total.  

If you pay by electronic check, the charge will be $1.75.  

Also, if you prefer to have your monthly utilities bill e-mailed to you instead of waiting on the U.S. Postal Service, the village staff will e-mail directly to your inbox.  Just e-mail and tell them you want your utility bill e-mailed to your account.

You're paying taxes; make sure your local government is making things convenient as possible.


  1. With the improvement of the payment options becoming available, I would like to offer another. As village notices now state that no reminders will be issued prior to disconnection, I would like to suggest the convenience of automatic debit. This is not only a convenience and benefit for the individual paying, because they would know what day the money would come out of their account, they would receive the discount, and they would not have to worry about possibly forgetting to pay their bill and being without power (especially when it's 2 below zero outside)...but it would also be beneficial for the Village. The Village would know exactly how much money is going to be coming in and they would know the exact date that this money would hit their account, which I would think would help with budgeting and cash flow. The Village would also not need to worry about disconnects and reconnects. Thank you for the improvements you are making and thank you for your consideration.

    1. There would still be disconnects as people may not have enough funds in the account to cover the bill.

  2. Dave Ramsey says: If you have to pay for your lights and water by credit card, maybe you need to buy less Chinese made crap at Walmart.

  3. I can see charging the fee for credit card payments, but an automatic payment from your checking account should not cost anything. Almost all businesses offer this now. Come on Village office, get with the times!


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