Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving From The Dorchester Times

Several years ago, the Times received an e-mail that we felt compelled to share with all of our readers.  

Today, it is reprinted here with the permission of the author. 

From all the staff of the Times, Happy Thanksgiving!


Sweet home Dorchester! Oh sweet Nebraska! On this Thanksgiving we have so many things to be grateful for.

You never really know how amazing something or someplace or someone is until you no longer have it or them in your daily life.  I lived away from here for several years and during that time I reminded myself almost daily of the things and the people I missed.

On this Thanksgiving, I will once again take time to give thanks for those things that make life worth living. They are:

1.) The fall harvest.

2.) My small town and the feeling of community.

3.) A main street I can walk with little noise and no fear of violence.

4.) Mom 'n pop businesses and no big box stores.

5.) Our Dorchester school and the wonderful students and teachers.

6.) Small town chatter, even the gossip.

7.) Farmers, hunters, people of commerce, and our community elders (the producers and providers).

8.) Not being honked at in your car or truck when you're at the one and only red light.

9.) The smell of a wood burning stove or fireplace.

10.) Pumpkin pie, homemade jelly and all the great local baking.

This is a good start.  Oh yes, I am also thankful for my great-grandparents who came to Dorchester to start their families.  It is because of them that Dorchester is my home.


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Mother, Wife and Farmer


  1. Great reminder to look outside the book when you're being thankful this holiday season! Great article!!

  2. Awwwwww ..... So sweet.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    (I think the Blog Author is stuffing a turkey right now and then stuffing his/her face and then taking a long nap. This post might appear after Thanksgiving.)



  4. thanks uncle dave

  5. Thank you to the Dorchester Times for keeping us current on local events, reminding us of our proud past, and tickling our fancy with visions of the future!


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