Monday, April 28, 2014

Main Street Banners Coming Soon

Coming to Dorchester:  Banners for our main street light poles!

That's the word from the Dorchester Community Foundation and its leaders.

These new banners will line Washington Ave. -- Dorchester's main drive -- and help welcome residents and visitors to our community.  Many of the citizens we have spoken with say this is the Foundation's best project yet and will be a key first step in improving the village's business district.  

Currently, Foundation members are pondering the message and image that will be on the banners.

Established a decade ago, the Dorchester Community Foundation Fund is guided by one central mission:  To raise funds for worthy projects that will enhance Dorchester and our quality of life. To become a member of the Dorchester Community Foundation, annual dues are $20 a person -- or a lifetime membership is $250.  

Contributions to the Foundation are deductible for income and estate tax purposes.  You may consider giving cash, outright gifts (including bushels of grain), memorial gifts, deferred gifts (trusts-life insurance policies etc.), gift annuity or real estate.
Join the Dorchester Community Foundation today -- and contribute to its projects! Make your checks payable to:
Dorchester Community Foundation Fund
c/o Mr. Dale Hayek
652 County Road 1200
Dorchester, NE  68343
A non-profit affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, the Dorchester Community Foundation has been instrumental in various projects.  These include the city park's new playground equipment and shelter; annual scholarships; the Charlie Havlat Memorial at the Saline County Museum; and the steak and hamburger feeds. The Foundation's most recent project is the construction of new welcome signs along Highway 33 and Highways 6 and 15.


  1. Thank you foundation members - you guys and ladies do a fantastic job.

  2. The Dorchester Foundation do a wonderful job and the city is looking good from what they have done. Makes me wonder why the City Council doesn't get on the stick and pave the streets? If I was a visitor and pulled into town I would be sorely disappointed by the streets and how some of the lots are kept.

  3. Very cool. It would be pretty awesome if those street lamps in the picture lined our mainstreet, too. Oh, by the way, I have an idea for the village employees when it comes times for decorating main street at christmas time.

  4. Like any town, Dorchester has its leaders and laggers. Our foundation group is certainly the town's leaders. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I believe the word you're looking for is "laggards"...

  5. To the blogger at 12:32. I believe there are 3 spots available on the council this election year. Why don't you run. Maybe then the streets will get paved.


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