Friday, October 24, 2014

Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative One Of Nation's Largest Co-Ops

Dorchester's Farmers Cooperative is one of the nation's largest cooperatives.  In fact, it's the 74th largest.

Nine Nebraska cooperatives have been ranked among the top 100 in the country based on revenue.

That's according to a report by National Cooperative Bank, as noted by the Lincoln Journal Star.

Ag Processing Inc. of Omaha was the largest co-op domiciled in Nebraska, and the seventh largest in the country, with 2013 revenue of $5.67 billion, up from $4.92 billion in 2012.

Affiliated Foods Midwest, a grocery co-op based in Norfolk, came in No. 34, one spot lower than in 2012. 

It was the only non-agriculture related Nebraska co-op on the list.

Other Nebraska co-ops on the NCB Top 100 list were: Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co., 54th; Cooperative Producers Inc. of Hastings, 57th; FCS of America of Omaha, 71st; Farmers Cooperative of Dorchester, 74th; United Farmers Cooperative of York, 87th; Frenchman Valley Farmers Co-op of Imperial, 93rd; and Central Valley Ag Cooperative of Oakland, 94th.


  1. This is very interesting,,,,the kind of stuff you won't see in the crete rag, thats for sure!

  2. Make sure you log on and "like" their Facebook page!

  3. Hope they don't decide to sell it to China.

  4. To bad they do not fix or pave the streets with all those overloaded semis that ruien them.

    1. Are semis driving on unpaved public streets?

  5. Something to be proud of. Great job local farmers and employees of Farmers Cooperative .


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