Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Look At Dorchester In 1932

The Times has located another stellar photo providing a fantastic glimpse of our main street (Washington Avenue) as it appeared around 1932. 

The picture is featured on a postcard currently being offered on eBay.  Just click on the photo for a closer view.

The focal point of the photo is Dorchester's old Citizen State Bank building -- the present-day home of the village government -- on the west side of main street, between 7th and 8th Streets. At the time of the picture, the building also housed the Post Office (the far west end) and the Masonic and Good Fellows Hall (second floor).

Pay special attention to the beautiful architecture above the building's windows, as well as the gorgeous oak doors gracing the entryway of the bank. ("Wouldn't that be fantastic if we could get it looking that way again?" commented one Times staff member.)

Next door, just north of the bank, readers can clearly see that William Freidell's Grocery and Dry Goods Store is having a big "unloading sale." The glass store fronts that continue up the street show that Dorchester was a hub of business activity and free enterprise. However, it appears that the businesses were all closed when the picture was taken, since only a few piles of snow and a single horse and buggy occupy the street.

We are glad to see that Dorchester's main street once again has a strong pulse -- thanks to businesses like Donna's Hair Creations, City Slickers, Tyser Welding and Repair and Auto Sales, and others.

Let's support these businesses and keep the progress going.


  1. Call me a crazy old conservative throwback but I'd take that over a box store, any day.

  2. That's me at the extreme right in the photo. I'm still waiting for a response to my loan application.

  3. thanks funny uncle dave

  4. I wish some of the same business's were in these buildings.I would like a drug store and a motel.


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