Friday, June 13, 2014

Community Garage Sale Day Set For Saturday, June 14

It's garage sale season! 

Dorchester is once again planning its "Community Garage Sale Day" tomorrow, Saturday, June 14.  

In fact, it's a "tri-city garage sale" event -- since sales are also planned in Friend and Crete. 

Event organizers say the garage sale weekend is the perfect opportunity for residents who want to save some money on school clothes and other items, and for those who need some extra income in this stagnant economy.

Be sure to get a bright and early start.  

Shoppers will be out in full force.


  1. some of us arent so rich that we can go to garage sales .............................. some of us cant even afford garages .................................

  2. To cynical richard:
    Your wife should put a for sale sign on you -- except she may have to pay someone else to take you off her hands!

  3. OMG Cynical Richard!!!!!

  4. Good ol' Dick, always can count on him for an outrageous statement or two. He's worth the price of a subscription to the times.

    You get what you pay for.

  5. I am so glad comments are back. How would I get my daily giggles in, if not for the humor of Cynical Richard???? You just gotta love him!

  6. Hey Cynical richard.. maybe you should host a garage sale instead of always buying junk at those actions.. By looking at your place you need to clean up a little as well.. Just a thought...


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