Monday, December 1, 2014

Unique Dorchester Items Found Online

The calendar shows 24 days to finish your Christmas shopping. Let the scramble begin. 

Or just stay at home and do your shopping from the Internet.

The staffers at the Times are often amazed by the wide array of Dorchester-related items for sale on the Internet, including sites such as eBay.

One of the novel items that caught our attention is a Tyser Weld and Repair toothpick holder from our centennial year of 1981, congratulating the community on "100 years of progress."  The item is offered by a collector in Waco.  For the current bid of $3.50 (plus $2.50 shipping), you can get this unique piece of hometown history.

Or maybe you'd rather give the gift of written history, such as this book on Saline County's old rural school districts and one-room schoolhouses.

Or share a piece of history when Dorchester had a service station right off Highway 6.  Or a time when horses took Dorchester-area residents through the winter weather.

Maybe a map of Dorchester as the town appeared in 1900?

Or for those who aren't into history, there's always plenty of modern-day Dorchester apparel, such as t-shirts, bags, shorts and caps.

If you know of other unique or rare Dorchester-related items for sale on the Internet or elsewhere, let us know in the comments section or e-mail us at

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  1. Bo! Bo! Bo! Merry Christmas. All you "bo-lievers" out there can take back your Pelini gear sitting under the tree, maybe you'll get a coach who's smart enough to call his own offensive plays and whose defense can actually do better than Kevin Cosgrove. 26-25 against teams playing .500 or better, yikes. Adios, Bo Bo.


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