Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Favorite Dorchester Homes

In April 2007, when the Dorchester Times was just getting its legs, we unveiled a list of our favorite Dorchester homes as selected by our staff. 

These homes have been the pride of Dorchester for decades. 

Since this post was written more than 8 years ago, we want to know if our readers think it still holds.  

Do you agree with our selections?

1.) West 11th Street. A classic beauty, with an eye-pleasing yard to match.

2.) South Stephens Street. One of the best maintained homes in town, with a wonderful annual Christmas display.

3.) West 10th Street. This is how a classic home should be restored!

4.) North Colfax Avenue. We particularly like the intricate woodwork of this home.

5. ) West 10th Street. A diamond in the rough. With some work, this could be a crown jewel for the entire region.


  1. I would have nominated the large home on Main St. and 11th. Other wise I can't dispute this to much.

  2. The old blue home on 10th street is indeed a grand home. I hope it will be restored.

  3. The house on 10th street has fascinated me since I was a kid (which has been a long time). I know it takes time and $$$ to restore and keep up but it is indeed a treasure. Also, enjoy the annual Christmas display provided by the owners of the home on Stephens--their hard work is appreciated by many.

  4. Can't forget the brick beauty on the corner of 9th and Lincoln. I especially enjoy the renovation of the hollow tree out front.

  5. I love the old blue home too. I'd love to restore it but it does take a lot of $$$. A little at a time.

  6. Dorchester is a great town with so much potential. We need more of our young people to come back and stay since no one will EVER care about a community as much as those who grew up there.

  7. A very special thanks to the lady who works at the post office. She changes up with the season. Check out the attractive display there now. What a talented person. Thank You !


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