Sunday, August 6, 2017

NEWS ROUNDUP: Dorchester Renews Law Enforcement Agreement

Dorchester Will Pay Saline County $11,720 For Law Enforcement:  The Friend newspaper reports the Saline County commissioners recently approved new law enforcement contracts with the villages of Dorchester, Western and Swanton.  The contracts had been left unaltered either by the county or the villages since the 1980s and had been re-ratified each year without review.  Under the new contract, the county will charge each village $20 per person, using the 2010 census data, in exchange for law enforcement duties by the sheriff’s department. The contract requires the county to enforce all state statutes and village ordinances, with the exception of “such Village ordinances that pertain to maintenance or supervising of trash removal and disposal of domestic animals unless the same are proven unsafe.”  Under the agreement, the county will charge Dorchester $11,720, Western $4,700, and Swanton $1,880 annually until the 2020 Census. 

'Renew Dorchester' Announced: An organization called "Renew Dorchester" has been announced in the Crete News public notices.  According to the notice, Renew Dorchester is being formed by Jamie Karl, Chris Kirkpatrick and Deanna Bird.  We don't have any other information about this group other than that Renew Dorchester is being formed under the Nebraska Non-Profit Corporation Act, the notice says.   

Dorchester Village Board Meeting Is Monday Night:  The Dorchester Village Board will hold their regular August meeting on Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Dorchester Fire Hall.  The meeting is open to the public.

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