Sunday, May 13, 2018

Dorchester's Lots For New Homes Could Be Helped By TIF

UPDATE:  We have heard from several reliable sources that Dorchester town leaders and landowners are looking at options to attract new housing, especially on the outskirts of town and in existing available lots.  One particular area is just north of Dorchester's village limits in what is currently a corn/soybean field surrounding the home of the W.J. Plouzek family. And that effort may have just gotten a boost, according to a reader who has inside knowledge of state government.  According to conversations our staff has had with at least four town residents, the Dorchester Village Board is looking at options to use something called "tax increment financing" (TIF) to provide an incentive to build new homes.  Of course, there would have to be sufficient interest in building at least a handful of new homes and a commitment to build at least a handful.  But according to an e-mail we received, that interest may be sparked more easily now that Gov. Ricketts has signed into law LB496 allowing TIF to support the construction of workforce housing. The new law will lower the cost of building new, making new construction more feasible in small towns.  The bill authorizes rural communities -- in counties with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants -- to include the construction of single-family or multi-family housing as part of a redevelopment project eligible for TIF.  Workforce housing under the new law is defined as "owner-occupied housing units costing no more than $275,000 to build, or rental housing units that cost no more than $200,000 to build," according to the e-mail we received.  Below is a 2017 Times story that may tie into this TIF development.  Stay tuned.

A reader recently e-mailed the Times, thanking us for reporting when homes were listed for sale in Dorchester.

But he also took us to task, writing, "Since Dorchester's real estate market is so hot, why don't you tell folks about available places in town that are ready for new homes to be built?"

We challenged the reader to tell us of any available lots in town -- and he responded by giving us three locations.

For those who are considering building in Dorchester, here are the options according to our reader:
  • EAST, NORTHEAST DORCHESTER:  We are told that Jack Bruha has housing lots available for new construction east of Fulton Street and Jackson Ave., as well as north of 10th Street.  This is a pretty part of the community and one of most peaceful.
  • NORTH DORCHESTER: We were also informed that Ron Zoubek has a handful of lots in north Dorchester just off of 11th Street and north of the football field.  This is a very nice neighborhood and allows for quick access to the school and Highway 6.
  • FAR SOUTH DORCHESTER:  If you don't want cars driving past your home often, there are at least four lots available for new construction on Whitmar Street in south Dorchester, south of the museum grounds.  Bob Kasl has them for sale on this dead-end street in a well-kept and quiet neighborhood buffered from the highway by the county museum grounds.
The Times did not investigate any of this information.  We are simply passing it on since it comes from a well-informed and trustworthy resident.  Those interested in these lots should contact the owners directly, not the Times.  Of course, not only would the land need to be purchased, but the village government would need to approve the construction and provide the water, sewer and electricity to the new home.

As we've reported recently, with demand for small town life growing fast, Dorchester cannot keep quality homes on the market for 24 hours.  This comes as no big surprise since Dorchester has a lot going for it -- if you prefer living in a safe, friendly and affordable community that has much potential for the future. 

If you're ready to call Dorchester home, we encourage you to take a look at these lots and consider building in our community.


  1. the way you guys have the Jack Bruha property outlined I'm thinking more like a small lake or golf course, then build the homes

  2. I think the city should turn over the football field to the school and the school should turn over the football practice field to the city and houses or duplexes could be built on that lot.

    1. There is a separate practice field? Where is that?

  3. Would advertising these lots in Lincoln, Seward, and Crete be wise to attract families to small town living?

  4. Great idea! It is time to promote our wonderful small community. "Build it and they will come!!!"


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