Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Not Too Late To Give To Dorchester Alumni Association

The Dorchester Alumni Banquet was held this past Saturday, drawing more than 100 people from all across the country.

Of special note, two $500 scholarships were awarded to recent Longhorn graduates as they prepare for their future.

The Times was sent a list of individuals making recent donations to the DHS Alumni Association and/or the Alumni Scholarship Fund.  We are reprinting those names here on the Times today:

* Lois Nichols Jergens (Class of 1949, in memory of Alice Nichols);

* Gerald Boden (Class of 1955, in memory of Albert & Dorothy Boden);

* Marcia Boden (Class of 1956, in memory of Albert & Dorothy Boden);

* Jane Sehnert Hopper (Class of 1959, in memory of Al Krivohlavek);

* Sheila Krivohlavek (Class of 1960);

* Shelly & Rose Bruha (Class of 1961);

* Clarice Pisar Sabata (Class of 1961);

* Judy Bruha Daniels (Class of 1964);

* Marla Jean Novak Ritter (Class of 1965, in memory of Adolph & Evelyn Novak);

* Loren Vyhnalek (Class of 1967);

* Gerald Zajicek (Class of 1967);

* Kirk Beekley (Class of 1972); 

* Bob Sandburn (Class of 1972);

* Steve & Vicky Parks (Class of 1973 & 1974); 

* Roger Wolfe, Jr. (Class of 1974);

* Roger & Mary Slepicka (Class of 1976 & 1983);

* Jean Kasl Essman (Class of 1979, in memory of Bobby & Brad Kasl);

* Sheldon Bruha (Class of 1986);

* Matt Bergmeyer (Class of 1987);

* Jamie Karl (Class of 1992);

* Dan Rezac (Class of 1997); and

* Chris Williams (Class of 1997).

We are told there were some late registrations who donated who were not on this list.  We are also told that the donations from the Bodens were especially generous.

It's not too late to donate to the Dorchester Alumni Association.  Just send your check -- big or small -- to: 

Dorchester Alumni Association
P.O. Box 7
Dorchester, NE  68343

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  1. Don't forget about Dorchester's businesses that sponsor all the alumni events, from the golf tourney to the basketball tourney to donations to the school and sports. (Yes, I'm on that list above, but don't think we should be singled out as the only ones who give back.)


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