Monday, March 13, 2017

Dorchester's Hailey Schweitzer Wins Statewide Poster Contest

Dorchester has talent -- including lots of art talent.

Further proof of that came with the breaking news that Dorchester's Hailey Schweitzer has been named the winner of a statewide poster contest.

Hailey's artwork took first place in Nebraska's "Call 811 Before You Dig" poster contest.  As a result, Dorchester Public School will receive a bench and a tree, and Hailey's class will receive a cookie party.   

Even more importantly, Hailey's poster will be displayed on billboards around Nebraska. Also, Hailey's poster will be featured at the State Capitol and in publications. 

It appears Hailey and her poster are a big deal!

The Nebraska One-Call Board invited Nebraska elementary students to travel on a magical and educational journey while teaching them the importance of underground utility services and the dangers of unsafe digging practices.  The CGA Pirate Adventure video featured a friendly pirate who explains how to avoid the loss of important services like 911, electricity, and gas.  

The Nebraska One Call Notification Act was established in 1994 to protect underground facilities, the excavating public, and the general public.  

The Act creates one point of communication between the excavating public and the Nebraska member underground utilities regarding any upcoming excavation projects in the State of Nebraska.  It’s free, easy and it’s the law to dial 811 before you dig.

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