Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Live In Nebraska? You'll Likely Live Longer Than Average

A new study finds that Nebraskans live longer than the average American.

According to the analysis by 24/7 Wall St., Nebraska's current life expectancy at birth is 79.5 years.  That compares to 78.8 years for the average American.

In the comparison of all 50 states, Nebraska is No. 31 (20th best), overall (but is tied with three states ranked higher, so we don't know why the Cornhusker State was given the short straw).

What is hold Nebraska down in this study?  The state's obesity rate is a whopping 29.5% (18th highest). 

However, Nebraska's smoking rate is only 17.3% (20th lowest).

Hawaii has the longest average lifespan at 81.2 years, followed by California and Connecticut.  The state with the shortest lifespan is Mississippi at 74.8 years.

To see the study, click here.

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