Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tragic Case In Crete: Woman And Her Three Kids Living In Storage Unit, Car

The story from York earlier this week (see below) was evidence that the world has changed in recent years, and not necessarily for the better.  

More proof of that fact came from Crete yesterday, when news broke that a woman arrested in town had been living with her children in a storage unit and out of a car.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, when Crete police arrested the 29-year-old mother last week on a Lancaster County warrant, officers found her three youngest children -- ages 5, 3 and 2 -- "in the back of an SUV, filthy, half-clothed and each holding a stolen boxer puppy."

From what we can gather, all the children had different fathers.  (Yes, it matters, which is why we've included that in this post.)

The Journal Star's updated story reports: "The Crete woman arrested last week has five children according to court records. Her oldest daughter, 12, lived with her father at the time. The woman is not named here to protect the identity of her kids.  Her second oldest, a 9-year-old boy, has missed school for days or weeks and bounced between Crete and Lincoln school districts seven times since 2013, according to court records."

According to the Lincoln newspaper, "School officials said his mother appeared intoxicated and unable to follow conversations. ...  The boy spent days in intensive care this summer after he nearly lost his left arm when it became badly infected, and court records indicate his mother neglected to take him to follow-up medical appointments after doctors put pins in his arm to fix a broken bone.

"Crete police caught up with her Thursday as she dropped her 9-year-old son off at school after he'd been truant for days. In the back seat of her trash-filled SUV, officers found her youngest three children holding puppies.  The 5- and 3-year-old girls each had one bare foot and the 2-year-old girl was naked from the waist down and wrapped in a blanket, according to court documents. ... Police arrested the woman on a misdemeanor warrant for pawning property by a convicted person and cited her for possession of stolen property, theft and child abuse.

"The children have been placed with their fathers. Their mother was in Saline County jail Monday evening."

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