Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Source: New Lights Could Be Coming To Dorchester Ball Field

Are new baseball and softball lights coming to Dorchester's Nerud Field?

That's the word on the street that we've picked up.

According to the Times sources, the Dorchester Village Board recently moved to apply for a federal grant to help secure funds to provide new ball field lighting.

If true, this would be the first major improvements made to the town's shared football/baseball/softball facilities since 2009.

Nerud Field is named after Miles Nerud, who brought organized little league baseball to Dorchester in the 1950s.  Nerud served as one of the founding fathers of the Seward-Fillmore-Saline (SFS) League in 1957, which is approximately when Nerud Field's current lighting was installed.



  1. Great to see the street work taking place on 9th St.! Thanks, village board, for doing something about those rough areas.

  2. We are having such nice weather! would be great to see Christmas lights going up on main street.


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