Friday, October 14, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Halloween Parties Set For Oct. 29

Dorchester Establishments To Hold Halloween Parties Oct. 29: A couple Saturdays from now might be a crazy, scary one on Main Street Dorchester.  City Slickers (formerly known as Joe's Place) has announced its Halloween Party will be Oct. 29.  The owners of City Slickers are promising a night "filled with plenty of food, fun and, of course, drinks! Costume contest with cash prizes, as well as drawings for City Slickers gift certificates and giveaways all night. The band 300 Proof will be rockin' the house!"  Also on Oct. 29, another Halloween party will be taking place across the street -- at Dorchester's newest establishment, Big T's BBQ Pit Stop.  We're told there will be food and drink specials all day, along with a costume contest and games starting at 9 p.m. with raffle drawings throughout the night.

Roll-Off Dumpster Available For Dorchester Residents This Saturday: The Village of Dorchester has ordered a roll-off dumpster for the dump site for this Saturday, Oct. 15.  No hazardous items such as wet paint or chemicals. Acceptable items are wood, mattresses, furniture, carpet, etc. Ben's Iron Salvage will provide a trailer for wet cell batteries and any appliances. If you're cleaning up your property -- or just getting rid of clutter -- take advantage of this free service. And tell your neighbors, too.

Who Gets State Aid In Saline County?: Roughly $13.5 million in state aid funding went to Saline County last fiscal year, according to the state Revenue Department.  Of that amount, nearly $10 million went to Saline County school districts.  Among school districts, Crete took in nearly $9 million in state aid dollars.  Wilber-Clatonia School was second with more than $560,000; Friend School was third with $231,710, and Dorchester School was fourth at $193,482.  Among city governments, Crete received nearly $1.2 million in state aid, followed by Wilber at $318,017; Friend at $170,376; DeWitt at $98,378; and Dorchester at $75,550.  Western, Tobias and Swanton received around $105,000 combined.  The Saline County government received $1.6 million in state aid.


  1. This dumpster is a great idea! now if there were some volenteers with pick=ups, would be even better! older people in this town might have items for clean up. but have no manpower or equipment to do it. You can always donate gas money to whomever angel is willing to do this. Might get rid of some of the eyesores around town. Kudos to whose idea this was!!!!

  2. i am outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all that is going on with donald trump grabbing women and this blog further degrades and attacks women by posting the objectifying picture on this story. I am a plus sized single woman and i have enough sense to know we all deserved better, so shoud the blog editors

    1. Goodness! Get a grip! I'm a plus sized woman myself and I was not offended in the least by the picture. In fact, I always love the graphics the blog editors add to the stories. They do a great service to the community and should be commended rather than chastised for such a minimal issue as a graphic.

    2. ............................ don't worry darlin ..............................spoke to trump this afternoon on my flip phone ........................... he said he would never touch you .....................................................

  3. Anonymous #1 . . . If you have someone specific in mind, you (or they) can email me at or call or text 402-418-8670. I can try to line up some assistance. -Penny Keller

  4. Crete gets 9/10th of the state aid in Saline County for K-12 education, but they don't have 9/10th of the students. At best, they have 60% of the students. A prime example of how flawed the "needs" formula is at the state level. Every student is worth the same. Just because you're a white kid doesn't mean you don't deserve equal treatment from big daddy government.


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