Monday, October 24, 2016

DHS Volleyball: Longhorns Enter Final Stretch Of 2016 Volleyball Season

It all comes down to this.

Dorchester's volleyball squad is now in its final chapter of the 2016 season, with the last games of the regular season taking place this week.

Next week, sub-districts begin.

The Lady Longhorns, which are currently 12-14, will host Tri-County on Tuesday, Oct. 25 in the season's last game at the DHS gymnasium.

DHS will then wrap up the regular season Friday, Oct. 28, at Nebraska Lutheran in Waco.

The Lady Longhorns are under fourth-year head coach Ty Peteranetz and are led by a group of six seniors.

Fans are rooting for the Orange and Black Attack.

Record 13-15

09/01/16 Palmyra -- LOST
09/01/16 Weeping Water -- WON
09/06/16 Parkview Christian --WON
09/06/16 College View Academy -- WON
09/08/16 Giltner -- WON
09/08/16 Hampton -- LOST
09/15/16 @ Friend -- LOST
09/17-09/17 BDS Tournament -- WON, LOST
09/20/16 Osceola -- LOST
09/22/16 Shelby/Rising City -- LOST
09/22/16 High Plains Community -- WON
09/24/16 Omaha Christian Academy -- WON

09/24/16 Nebraska Lutheran -- LOST
09/24/16 Parkview Christian -- WON
09/27/16 Sterling -- WON
09/29/16 Meridian -- LOST
09/29/16 Diller-Odell -- LOST
10/06/16 Cross County -- LOST
10/06/16 Exeter-Milligan -- LOST
10/11/16 McCool Junction -- WON
10/11/16 BDS  -- LOST
10/15 Nebraska Lutheran -- LOST (Crossroads Conference Tournament)
10/19 Giltner -- LOST (CRC Tournament) 
10/20/16 East Butler -- WON (Homecoming)
10/25/16 Tri County -- WON
10/28/16 @ Nebraska Lutheran -- LOST


  1. DHS may have lost to Friend in volleyball but have you seen their property taxes and school debt?

    1. as a tax payer i agree since i have farm ground in both districts

  2. High school sports are great preparation for real life in that there is no free lunch, no guarantee of success, and hard work/talent pay off. Bernie Sanders type propaganda only lives in fairy tales and these girls will know that you only get in life what you truly earn.

  3. I'm very shocked that Village Dweller would allow comments on here that degrade other towns. Schools don't win based on taxes and debt, they win on talent and coaching staff. I don't care if it was joke or not. Not appropriate.


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