Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sunday Brings Legion's Auction In Downtown Dorchester

Autumn is auction time in Nebraska.  And a big one is coming to Dorchester this Sunday.

According to social media accounts, the Dorchester American Legion will hold a large consignment auction beginning at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 11 as a fundraiser for the organization.

The Legion's Facebook account reports there will be "rifles, shotguns, jon boats, travel trailers, a Harley motorcycle" and  "a lot for every taste."

Even a 1973 Mercedes and a John Deere 3-speed bike will be up for sale.

According to the sale bill (click here), there is still time to place an item on this auction.  

Consignments will be accepted through today, Sept. 10.  

An e-mail sent to the Times informs us that many more items will be added to the auction list, and that the lineup of offering will go far beyond "outdoor items," including antiques, electronics and even shop tools and equipment.  

Buyers are encourage to click here to keep an eye on items.

Because this is a fundraising event, the Dorchester Legion will keep 20% of the final sale price, we are told.  

Auction services are being donated by Novak Auction for the Legion free of charge.

If you have any item you'd like to sell on an auction, you're encouraged to call Tom Cerny (402.381.8049).  Sellers keep 80% of the profit.

As it did last year, this auction is intended to attract many sportsman items such as firearms, ammo, boats, fishing/hunting gear, camping gear, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. -- but other items will be sold.  

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