Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DHS Volleyball Begins Tomorrow As Seniors Eye Big Season

Two years ago, Dorchester's Lady Longhorns finished their 2014 volleyball season at 8-21.  It was a "building year," according to insiders.

Last year, DHS improved to 16-14 and was tough in Class D-2.

This year, there are higher expectations, with six seniors and many returning sophomores and juniors, along with talented freshmen, donning the orange and black -- representing their school.  

Bottom line: It appears the mighty DHS will field a very competitive volleyball team in 2016.

Dorchester's new season will get underway this week, with a triangular at Palmyra on Thursday, Sept. 1, as the Lady Longhorns take on Class C-2 Palmyra and Class D-1 Weeping Water.

The Lady Longhorns are looking to forge a culture of winning traditions under fourth-year head coach Ty Peteranetz and very capable assistant coaches.  

Coach Peteranetz is a self-described "transplanted, Colorado-born Husker fan" who moved to Nebraska in 2011 after 30 years in Colorado to be a volleyball coach.  He teaches Dorchester's fourth grade.

Insiders with local media ties say to look for DHS to be a real threat this season.

Here's a look at this year's DHS volleyball schedule:


09/01/16 Palmyra -- Triangular (host: Palmyra)
09/01/16 Weeping Water -- Triangular (host: Palmyra)
09/06/16 Parkview Christian -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/06/16 College View Academy -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/08/16 Giltner -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/08/16 Hampton -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/15/16 @ Friend D1
09/17-09/17 (To Be Determined) -- BDS Tournament (w/ 4 Teams) Shickley
09/20/16 Osceola
09/22/16 Shelby/Rising City -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/22/16 High Plains Community -- Triangular (host: Dorchester)
09/24-09/24 (To Be Determined) -- Nebraska Lutheran Tournament (w/ 4 Teams) Waco
09/27/16 @ Sterling
09/29/16 Meridian -- Triangular (host: Meridian)
09/29/16 Diller-Odell -- Triangular (host: Meridian)
10/06/16 Cross County -- Triangular (host: Exeter-Milligan)
10/06/16 Exeter-Milligan -- Triangular (host: Exeter-Milligan)
10/11/16 McCool Junction -- Triangular (host: BDS)
10/11/16 BDS  -- Triangular (host: BDS)
10/15-10/18 (To Be Determined) -- Crossroads Conference Tournament (2/3-Day) York
10/20/16 East Butler
10/25/16 Tri County
10/28/16 @ Nebraska Lutheran

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  1. Coach Ty had done an amazing job developing the team. Keep up the good work!!


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