Saturday, July 9, 2016

Seven Key Ingredients To Successful Small-Town Life

What makes for a vibrant small town? One that has a bright future and involved citizenry?

Today we share with you a simple set of key ingredients for successful small communities across the nation.

This list was sent to us by a contributor to the Times.  

The middle of summer is a good time to reflect on our quality of life in Dorchester, why we live here, how we can preserve the aspects we enjoy, and how best we can fix the aspects that need improvement.    

All of us who call the Dorchester area home should read list this often.

We should constantly keep these simple factors in mind before we complain about any aspect of our corner of the world.

Seven Factors for a Successful Small Community

  • Leadership that matters: Leaders in a community must actively say: “We’re not fine with where we are. Here’s where we’d like to go; let’s figure out the steps that will take us there.”
  • Hopeful vision backed by grit.
  • Deliberate efforts to invite others into leadership roles, including people who might not otherwise participate.
  • Not letting fear be a barrier.
  • Willingness to invest in community.
  • Strong social networks.
  • Keeping in mind those residents who came (and sacrificed) before us, as well as the next generation of residents who will succeed us.

(Hastings, Lindsay. Nebraska Human Resources Institute)

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