Monday, July 11, 2016

News Roundup: New Code Compliance Officer; Car Port Permits Denied

Village Board Hires New Property Code Officer: It has been brought to our attention that a new enforcer has been hired to ensure that Dorchester residents are keeping their property up to community standards.  We confirmed this when we obtained the minutes from the Dorchester Village Board's May 2016 meeting.  Local resident Penny Keller was approved for hire by the board, which confirmed her as the village's new nuisance abatement and code compliance officer. The minutes confirm that Keller has been hired as an independent contractor, not a village employee.  This hire will help ensure that the clean-up notices and enforcement originally initiated by SENDD a few years ago continues.  Village leaders are to be commended for keeping the pressure on negligent property owners, as Keller cares deeply about Dorchester and its future.

Car Ports In Dorchester:  Let's face it -- car ports are popping up more often nowadays and they typically look rather shabby (looking like this.)  While car ports might be a better alternative than someone parking on their front lawn (c'mon -- show some pride), it appears the Dorchester Planning Commission is cracking down more often on their installation.  There are rules and regulations for car ports in Dorchester.  In recent months, permits for car ports have been denied and corrective actions have been ordered for existing car ports, including one right on main street.

Why Doesn't The Village Post Meeting Minutes Online?: Since the Village of Dorchester now has an official website, wouldn't it be nice if village board meeting minutes were posted online? The taxpayers deserve that much. Heck, if residents knew which topics were being discussed on a monthly basis, there might even be more civic engagement and attendance at board meetings. The Dorchester Board of Education posts their meeting minutes online -- surely the Dorchester Board of Trustees can do the same.

In Case You Missed It:  A couple weeks ago, we shared with our Facebook followers a posting by the Crete Police Department showing still shots of individuals using stolen credit card numbers at the Crete Wal-Mart and surrounding retail stores.  Good news -- those suspects have been nabbed. To them, we say: Adios! For some, it seems that working a legitimate, honorable job is just too difficult these days.  From shootings in Lincoln, to gangbangers in Omaha, to dope dealers, to crime rings like this one, there are lots of bad people out there.  We hope our Republican turned so-called Libertarian Senator Laura Ebke and her fellow state lawmakers will finally see the wisdom of providing for more law enforcement and additional corrections facilities instead of undoing Nebraska's strict criminal sentencing standards.  


  1. someone doesn't know what a car port is, showing a picture of a rag tent

    1. the pic made me giggle because car ports typically look even worse than that

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  3. Have to agree with #1, and #3 must have told the truth about something, no one was supposed to know.


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