Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dorchester Gets 1.70" Of Rain; Heavier Rains In Utica

A violent weather system packing strong winds, heavy rain and hail in some locations powered its way into eastern Nebraska early this morning, with the Dorchester area pounded by rain, stiff winds and lightning beginning about 1:30 a.m.

Dorchester received around 1.70" of precipitation, according to the Times official rain gauge.  Only pea-sized hail or smaller was recorded in our immediate area.

No power outages have been reported in the Dorchester area.  However, strong winds brought down some tree limbs onto power lines, leading to 1,700 outages in Douglas County this morning.

Here's a look at area rainfall totals beginning at midnight July 7 as reported by the NE Rain project:

* Utica: 3.04"
* Utica (2.6 mi. east-southeast): 2.53"
* Dorchester: 1.70"
* Friend (3.4 mi. E): 1.31"
* Seward (1.1 mi. NE): 1.12"
* Western (4.4 NNE): 0.81"
* Western (1.2 SE): 0.60"
* Wilber (7.0 WSW): 0.56"
* Wilber (4.1 W): 0.47"
* Tobias (4.7 SSW): 0.32"

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible again this afternoon and into this evening across the region as a frontal boundary system drops southeast into the area, forecasters said. Quieter weather is expected for Friday and into much of Saturday. Temperatures in the 80s should prevail this weekend.


  1. Dorchester varied, 3 gages,3 readings, 1.75, 2.20' 2.50

  2. I live on the northeast corner of York and we had 2.55, but a mile south on the south east corner, they had 4+. Benedict apparently hardly had a sprinkle.


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