Friday, June 3, 2016

Six Keys To A Successful Rural Community

Today we share with you a simple set of guidelines sent to us by a frequent contributor.

Please read them.  Then share them with your friends and neighbors. Remember them often

In Dorchester -- and other small communities like ours -- these are rules to live by.


Six Factors to Define a Successful Rural Community

  • Leadership that matters. Leaders in a community must actively say: “We’re not fine with where we are. Here’s where we’d like to go; let’s figure out the steps that will take us there.
  • Hopeful vision backed by grit.
  • Deliberate efforts to invite others into leadership roles, including people who might not otherwise participate.
  • Not letting fear be a barrier.
  • Willingness to invest in community.
  • Strong social networks.

(Hastings, Lindsay. Nebraska Human Resources Institute)

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