Sunday, June 12, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Reports Of New Business Coming To Dorchester

Reports Of New Bar And Grill Coming To Dorchester: The Times has heard several reports, none confirmed, that Dorchester's main street will soon be home to another bar and grill, located in the building that most recently housed Ben's Iron Grill. (Update: This story has been retracted due to conflicting information received by the Times.  We will report more when details are confirmed.) Developing...

Flag Retirement Ceremony Tuesday Night: Dorchester American Legion Post No. 264 will host a flag retirement ceremony at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 14, at the Legion Hall in Dorchester. American Legion State Cmdr. Mike Reimers will speak, and the Dorchester Legion will provide the meat dish for a covered-dish meal to follow the formalities. All color guards, auxiliary units and Sons of American Legion are encouraged to attend. Anyone can take flags that need to be retired to Hersh Talley at The Brand, 1344 Main Ave., Crete, during business hours. For more information, call Larry Kaspar, 402-946-6711, or Rich Kasl, 402-946-7651.

Dorchester Public School Job Available:  Dorchester School seeks applicants for a school bus driver.  Wages start at $21.50 an hour.  Interested individuals should call 402-946-2781.  Applicants must have or be willing to obtain a CDL and complete a Level I Driver Training.

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  1. It would be great to have breakfast in town again.

  2. Not a piece of ex-cretionJune 12, 2016 at 6:35 PM

    Dorchester better be worrying about filling its vacant homes if they think they can actually support more mainstreet businesses. The wife and me drove throughout town this week since we only get to Dorchester about once a month, and we counted at least 20 vacant homes some needing a bulldozer or a match and gasoline. I would focus my time on growing your town with the homes you have available. Just a thought from a Crete resident.

    1. Mind yer own business, Mr. Excretion.

      I'm live in Crete, too, but hail from Dorchester and I think that Dorchester's downtown has so much potential. Just look at that charming building!!!

      Hoping Dorchester gets more businesses on Main Street AND grows its residential population. I know firsthand Dorchester is safer, cleaner and has a better school than Crete, and property taxes aren't out of control to pay for a $38 million new school built for a student population that won't stick around and has a large % of illegals!

  3. crete's main street is not much better!!!

  4. Here's a mainstreet business idea for all of Saline County: Rattlesnake catchers!


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