Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 20 Meeting Will Focus On Home Ownership In Dorchester, Saline Co.

Did you know that between Dorchester's two largest employers -- Farmers Co-op and Dorchester Public School -- fewer than 20 of approximately 100 employees live in Dorchester?

Ideally, job creation should encourage new income to be invested in the community where it was earned. 

This dynamic must change if Dorchester is to have a bright future. 

That is why Dorchester area residents are invited to a June 20 meeting at Doane University in Crete to discuss home ownership opportunities.

Located at 1014 Boswell Ave. in the East-West Dining Room of Perry Campus Center, the meeting will begin at noon on Monday.

The focus of the event will be opportunities available for families and individuals to achieve the dream of homeownership.   USDA Rural Development has approximately $120 million available in Nebraska to assist with meeting the housing needs in rural communities.
Available housing is important in supporting employers in the community, and allows families to live and raise their families in communities where they work. 
State and federal partners, community officials, lenders, realtors, major employers, home builders and other housing partners will convene for the meeting.  Families that are interested in living in rural communities and owning their own home or existing home owners that need assistance with home repairs should plan to attend.
Representatives from USDA Rural Development, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), and the City of Crete will be available to discuss programs that offer up to 100% financing for a home purchase.  Financing is available with interest rates at 3% and below, and households may qualify for rates as low as 1%. 
These affordable rates with no or a low down payment makes home ownership affordable and may be less than rent.   Low interest rate loans at 1% are also available for home repairs for existing home-owners for very low income household.  Grants are available for elderly households 62 years of age or older for home repairs that are unable to repay a loan.

Register to NIFA for the meeting:

For information, call 402.826.6775.

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  1. A great start would be getting the 20 or so vacant homes in town lived in (or in a few cases bulldozed)


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