Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another Fire Call At City Slickers

Multiple Dorchester Volunteer Fire Dept. trucks and emergency vehicles were called around 9:00 p.m. Sunday to City Slickers Bar and Restaurant.

Fire personnel were busy working at the rear of the building, with several onlookers in the alley by the Dorchester City Park.

City Slickers' social media account reports: "Got a fire damage to building! Will be closed tomorrow. Will update as needed....on our way there now!"

(UPDATE, 10:05 p.m. Sunday: According to City Slickers staff, there was an outside electrical fire.  They report, "Thanks Greg Tyser for your observant eye. Power is shut off...will still be closed Monday.")

This marks the second fire call at the establishment -- which for decades was known as Joes Place -- in less than eight months.

Back in November, Dorchester area residents were biting their nails in anticipation, awaiting the completion of the renovation at Dorchester's City Slickers Bar and Grill.  Then a fire broke out at the establishment formerly known as Joe's Place.  

The new-and-improved City Slickers' grill re-opened in March featuring a new kitchen; much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a pleasant dining experience; and a dance floor with a band/DJ area.  Tens of thousands of dollars have been poured into City Slickers for its new interior and structural reinforcements.


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    Thank God for these people in our village!!!


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