Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Village Dog Catcher Wanted, Ball Schedules Now Online

Village Dogcatcher Wanted Immediately:  It looks like Fido's days of roaming Dorchester at his leisure are coming to an end.  The Village of Dorchester is looking to hire a dogcatcher to round up those stray doggies, as well as those who are allowed to run at large by careless owners.  Anyone interested in the job should apply at Village Hall or call 402‐946‐3201.

Dorchester Baseball and Softball Schedules Online:  We reported earlier on the Dorchester baseball and softball teams, whose seasons are already underway despite the recent wet weather.  For those of you who asked to see the full schedule for both teams, the Village of Dorchester has the schedules linked to its site.  Click here for the boys' schedule and click here for the girls' schedule.  For those interested in the little kids' t-ball schedule, that can be found here.

How About A 'Bike To School Week' For DPS?: The Friend Sentinel reports that Friend Elementary School students were recently encouraged to ride their bikes to school. Ride your bike to school day focused on teaching students hand signals, where to ride their bikes on the road, and how to let pedestrians cross first. Staff from the health clinic and hospital volunteered to help.  This sounds like a good idea for Dorchester.  Perhaps a "Bike to School Week"?  Nebraska ranks as having the 21st highest percent of obese and overweight children in the U.S., with 31.5% of Nebraska children measured as obese or overweight.  In a community as safe as Dorchester, with little traffic and almost no crime, it makes sense to encourage more kids to bike or walk to school.


  1. I hereby donate a bunch of grapes to the new dog catcher if he promises to feed them to my neighbor's yelping furbag

  2. I don't think the town needs to hire a dog catcher. This is a waste of money, and if they have money to waste, why not reduce or eliminate the service charge on our electric bill? I think they make enough money off the sewer, water, and electric they charge every month that they don't need a service charge.


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