Thursday, May 12, 2016

DHS' Ruiz, Weber And Velder Headed To State Track And Field Championship

Photo by Friend Sentinel

Sacred Heart was the host school at this week's District D-3 Track Meet in Auburn.  

And when the dust settled, Dorchester High School found itself with three state qualifiers:

  • Bailey Velder (1st Place, Girls Shot Put)
  • Jacee Weber (2nd Place, Girls Triple Jump), (2nd Place, Girls Long Jump)
  • Maru Ruiz (1st Place, Girls 100 Meter Dash), (1st Place, Girls 200 Meter Dash)

All three DHS track and field standouts are juniors.

Bailey Velder has captured first place at every meet this year in the girls shot put.  Also, Jacee Weber is the Class D leader in the triple jump.

The Nebraska State Track and Field Championships will be held Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21, at Omaha Burke Stadium.  See the line-up of events here.

The success of the DHS track and field program has prompted calls from some parents and school district taxpayers for a track around the currently unused football field.  One e-mail to the Times even suggested that 11th Street be closed north of the football field to provide more room for a track, which "could also be used for residents to get their daily walks," according to the e-mail.

One comment on our "Vil Dweller" Facebook account reads: "I would love to see the school make better usage of our vacant football field. With so many of our track and field athletes making it to state every year, it would be awesome to have access to a real training facility. Of course, it would be on a smaller scale, but just imagine what they could accomplish if they were given better training opportunities."

Our congratulations to the DHS state qualifiers. 

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  1. Keep in mind that the baseball field still gets used and a track on the football field would interfere with that. I think that putting a 200m track around the old practice field would be a better idea. If a regulation track would fit around it that would be even better, but I believe it's a bit too small. A it was a 200m track, then at least it would be able to support the same events as an indoor meet and Dorchester could even host a meet each year. Just some food for though.


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