Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gift Ideas For Mom On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a big deal.  And this year it comes early, falling on Sunday, May 8. 

To celebrate your mom and recognize all she has done for you, you could give her the same-old gifts, cards, flowers, or candy.

Or you could give her a personalized, special gift from Dorchester.

Maybe a gift certificate for a massage from The Well?

Or perhaps a certificate for a great meal from the new-and-improved City Slickers restaurant?

How about a certificate for a hair appointment from Donna's Hair Creations?

Perhaps a gift card for gas from the Co-op filling station?

Maybe a special relic from the past from Hedgehog and Hubby's Antiques?

Or, if you're really feeling generous, a new car or truck from Tyser Auto Sales!

When it comes to finding that special gift, there are many options from Dorchester businesses -- even more than we mentioned here.

Show mom you cared enough that you went above and beyond just getting her something from a Wal-Mart aisle.  Give her a personalized gift from Dorchester.

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  1. My mom wants the cow poop smell in town to just go away but I told her we can't give her that cuz the county zoning board hasnt got the brains to keep livestock further from town even though you can drive for miles in the country before seeing a house that is being lived in


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