Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dorchester Music Program Is Turning Heads

Decades ago, Dorchester Public Schools was recognized across the region for having a great band and music program. Those days are coming back, it appears.

Two weeks ago, on Feb. 29, the following students represented Dorchester Elementary at the Sing Around Nebraska music festival in Omaha:
  • Jacob Cerny
  • Brett Ladely
  • Kiarra Corning
  • Kayli Carey
  • Fernie Perez
  • Jose Tellez
  • Bayli Kratochvil
  • Carly Rains
  • Bryer Shaw
  • Dorothy Simmons
Meanwhile, the following Dorchester students were accepted into the Crossroads conference honor band competition that will take place March 21:  
  • Tim Havlat - trombone
  • Makenna Bird - trumpet
  • Moises Martinez - clarinet
  • Jacee Zoubek - clarinet (out of the 80-plus kids accepted, only three were 7th graders, and Jacee beat out numerous upper class men to gain a spot.) 
It's also worth mentioning that Keegan Sholty earned a spot in the Crossroads Conference honor choir as a tenor.  Breanna Muff (soprano) and Danni McKnight (alto) both made it into the Merdian honor choir competition that will take place April 1. This group only takes 20 students per part and more than 80 students auditioned per category.

Alli Novak (baritone sax) and Lena Zahourek (bass clarinet) and Abbey Zoubek (French horn) made the Meridian honor band, while the following students will be doing solos at Crete Band invitational on March 29:
  • Lena Zahourek - bass clarinet
  • Jacee Zoubek - clarinet
  • Alli Novak - alto sax
  • Jaki Acosta - snare
  • Abbey Zoubek - French horn 
  • Cassie Cervantes - flute
  • Holly Nigh - flute
  • Mitchell Kratochvil - snare
  • Christian Weber - French horn
The 6-8 concert band will also be performing/judged.  Dorchester band and choir will both be judged at the district music festival on April 22, in addition to the following soloists:
  • Tim Havlat - trombone
  • Moises Martinez - clarinet
  • Keegan Sholty - vocal 
  • Lynn Cooke - vocal
  • Harmony Shepherd - vocal 
A job well done to the DHS music program.

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  1. It should be noted that in the years since "decades ago" there have been many award winning musicians and musical groups at Dorchester school. It is great to see that these current students are keeping up the tradition of excellence.


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