Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10/11 News Profiles Saline County Museum

10/11 News and its "Pure Nebraska" program this week spotlighted the Saline County Museum in Dorchester.  We learned about this at the museum's social media account.

Readers can see the 10/11 News special on the county museum by clicking here.

The Pure Nebraska segment notes that the Saline County Historical Society was established in 1957. The first museum building was put up in 1964 and now there are 11 on the property.

The museum is filled with memorabilia from all over Saline County. 

"We have a lot of things that catch people's interest," said Judy Rada, president, Saline County Historical Society.  There is a different part of history inside each building. The Dorchester depot, for example, sat cross Highway 33 for 100 years and today holds memories of the railroad. 

You can also see a log cabin dating back to 1866 and the Henry Burden home, which was built by the first (and perhaps only) black homesteader in the county.

The Pure Nebraska special mentions the woman who started the museum in the 1950's, Rosa Dusanek, who "was the one who pushed, pulled, whatever she needed to do to get the Saline County museum and going."

The museum isn't just a place for people to see old artifacts; they can also trace their family history.  Rada said: "We have about 20,000 obituaries here on the premises along with cemetery records, marriage records -- so people doing genealogy research have a connection at the Saline County Museum."

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