Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Special: Who's Running For School Board, Village Board

The 2016 general election is finally here -- and not too soon for most.

Here's a look at which seats are up locally:  

Dorchester Village Board

Dorchester's village board will have two of its five seats up for election.  

One seat will be that of board member Lyle Weber. Weber, who was elected in 2008, is not running for re-election. 

The other seat up for election is that of Matthew Hoffman, who was appointed to the board last year following the resignation of Brandon Koll.  

Hoffman, Andrea Pracheil, and Gerald Sehnert (write-in candidate) have filed for village board, according to sources who contacted the Wilber courthouse.  Hoffman and Pracheil will appear on the ballot, while Sehnert filed as a write-in candidate, we're told.

Dorchester School Board

The school board has three seats open -- those of current board members Lindsey Zoubek, Mark Bors and Brad Havlat.  None of these incumbents are seeking re-election, we were told in an e-mail to the Times.

It appears the school board race will have some drama, as one seat will be filled by a write-in candidate.

Two candidates who have filed and will appear on the ballot: Neil Pavlish and Mike Hatfield. Two others, Donald B. Hoffman and Kelli Schweitzer, are write-in candidates.


  1. I'll support anyone with a vision and the willingness to put forth a plan, not just keep a seat warm.

  2. I think Mike Hatfield would be a great addition! dont know the other person, but do know Mike. He will do his best

  3. lets get someone who is connected to the community and asks what the people want, not just fulfilling their own personal agenda

  4. I thinks we should hire more liberal teachers who support Bernie Sanders, drug legalization and social justice!! Yay! Kids don't get enough exposure to progressive causes around these parts and its about time they do! Yay!!

    1. I hope to heck that was sarcasm.

  5. Hi. My name is ________________

    I do understand that I have the advantage of decades of life experience inside and outside the classroom. However, I'd like to point out there is an intelligence test for teachers and others in positions of influence. It's called social media.

    If you're a teacher or school official and you are posting your political affiliations, political arguments and philosophical leanings on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs, then you fail. In other words, you're not very bright. Don't you realize that your students' parents and your bosses (school board and property taxpayers) also see these things?

    Trust and respect are built over time. Teachers and others in influential positions who have the discipline to keep private their political positions and preferences tend to wield more respect from both students and adults.

    That is all.



    P.S. Signing your real name on a blog is also a test of intelligence.

  6. Why wasn't there a picture of the homecoming crowning. It also has to do with the school.


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