Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reader From Dorchester, Mass. Shares His Dorchester, Neb. Stories

We get all kinds of comments at the Dorchester Times.  (Not like we did in our earlier years, mind you.  The era of Facebook and other social media outlets have definitely decreased the volume of feedback.  There was a time when 30 or more comments would follow a Times story.)

Today, draw our readers' attention to a comment left Friday night from a reader who hails from Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Mark Shortt, a native the Boston subburb, left his comment after he read our story titled, "How Did Dorchester Get Its Name?"

Mr. Shortt wrote:  "I visited your town when I worked in Hastings, Neb., and lived in Overland Park, Kan. I am from Dorchester, Mass.! A (piece of) history about Dorchester, Mass. for you all: It was the spot on which the City of Boston was founded in June 1630."

According to Mr. Shortt, Dorchester, Mass. holds a Dorchester Day celebration and parade down Dorchester Avenue the first Sunday in June to commemorate the day that Boston was found.

Mr. Shortt adds: "The local paper is the Dorchester Reporter. Interestingly (or not) it is where Mark Wahlberg and his family are from."

Then Mr. Shortt wrapped up his comments with with a story about a conversation he was having with his neighbors. "The husband said he was going to Dorchester this past summer," so Mr. Shortt "asked jokingly if he was going to Dorchester, Nebraska," figuring he knew nothing about the small community on the Plains.  "He said yes" -- Dorchester, Neb. was indeed where he was headed.  "His grandfather, whose last name was Auth, lived there."

According to Mr. Shortt, he then told his neighbor he should also visit Crete and Wilber, the Czech Capital of the United States.  

Mr. Shortt said his comments nearly knocked over the neighbor. "He was stunned I knew about your town and had actually been there."

Thanks for sharing this story, Mark. You're welcome in the other Dorchester, anytime.

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