Sunday, January 24, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: New Village Website Now Running

Town Website Up And Running:  As we mentioned in an earlier post, the Village of Dorchester now has an official town website.  Village board member Matthew Hoffman announced last night the site is operational. Sponsored by Nebraska Public Power District, which supplies Dorchester its wholesale electricity, the website features a list of Dorchester businesses, important numbers for village services and utilities, a listing of local events, and much more. You can see it by clicking here or visiting  We welcome this much needed service to Dorchester residents and believe it will help make for more engaged citizens.  When it comes to small town life, good communication is key -- especially from our local government.

Steak Feed Set For March 19:  A loyal reader informs us that the Dorchester Community Foundation steak feed is slated for March 19.  Mark your calendars now. This is one of the best attended events on Main Street of the year.  The Foundation is working to raise money for a new directory shelter at the Dorchester Cemetery, according to the new town website.

Your Real Life Neighbors Vs. Facebook:  One of our Times staff members recently opined that small towns nowadays are suffering from weak participation in events and organizations due to social media. He says things will only get worse.  Well, we've told this staffer about a story on the news wires that tells of a new Oxford University study that reveals most of your Facebook friends don’t care about you and probably don't even sympathize with your problems.  The study found that while most people have hundreds of Facebook friends, people can only really depend on four of them, on average.  So if you're forced to choose between your Facebook friends and people in your own community -- those who live next door, go to school with you or your kids, attend the same church as you, share the same air as you -- perhaps you should choose the latter.  We suspect you knew that already.

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