Monday, January 18, 2016

NEWS ROUNDUP: Marquee, Town Website, Superintendent Kubicek

Here is some of the latest Dorchester news:

New Marquee Coming Soon:  We have been told by more than one source that the Dorchester Village Board has approved the purchase of a new electronic message board, which will be installed in the coming weeks if the weather cooperates.  Keno funds will pay for the unit, we are told.  Installed in the spring of 2007, the current orange-and-black electronic sign that now graces Dorchester's Main Street median has been inoperable due to electronic issues since early December.  The addition of an electronic marquee has added liveliness to main street and has served as an effective method of mass communication.  We look forward to the new sign.

New Town Website Being Developed:  As we mentioned in an earlier post, Dorchester Village Clerk and Treasurer Gloria Riley communicated with the Times to say that an official town website will soon be unveiled.  We welcome this news and believe it will help make for more informed Dorchester residents and more engaged citizens.  When it comes to small town life, good communication is key.  There's no better source on Village of Dorchester issues than the village board and staff.

DPS Superintendent Departing At End Of School Year:  It is with regret we inform readers that Dorchester Public School Superintendent Mitch Kubicek last week announced his resignation from DPS effective at the end of the school year.  That's according to well-placed sources.  Kubicek has been part of the DPS community since 2008, right when the new school opened its doors for the first time.   He recently completed his doctoral program at UNL.  DPS will not only miss the administrative expertise offered by Kubicek, but will also miss the leadership provided by his wife Kylie and him for student activities and athletics.

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