Friday, December 18, 2015

MAIN STREET REVIVAL BEGINS: City Slickers Set To Re-Open Dec. 21

At last -- the long wait is nearly over.

Back in mid-November, Dorchester area residents were biting their nails in anticipation, awaiting the completion of the renovation at Dorchester's City Slickers Bar and Grill.

Then on Nov. 21, a fire broke out at the establishment formerly known for generation as Joe's Place.  Thanks to Dorchester's volunteer fire department, damage was limited. But ever since, the establishment has been closed until further notice to allow for cleanup and completion of the renovation.

Now the Times has learned from City Slickers' social media account Dorchester's favorite establishment will reopen this Monday, Dec. 21.

According to City Slickers' owners, the new kitchen is not quite ready, so a smaller menu will be available for food -- including deli sandwiches, burritos, pizza, and other assorted munchies.  These items will be in a cold case with a microwave available for customer use. The pizzas will be prepared in a toaster oven. There will also be candy, breakfast goodies, chips, pop, etc.  The establishment will have a full bar with off-sale available.  Keno will be up and running. 

City Slickers' renovation project, which has been in the works for the past year and a half, will feature:

  • A new kitchen.
  • A much larger dining area, with many tables separate from the bar area for a quieter dining experience.
  • A dance floor.
  • Band/DJ area.

The owners plan a "grand re-opening" party soon.  Many dollars have been poured into City Slickers for its new interior and structural reinforcements.  We hope all Dorchester area residents will patronize City Slickers for the commitment its owners have shown to our community and main street.

Here are City Slickers' hours for next week:

  • Monday 21 --- 7am-11pm
  • Tuesday 22 --- 7am-11pm
  • Wednesday 23 --- 7am-11pm
  • Christmas Eve --- 3pm-11pm
  • Christmas Day --- 3pm-11pm
  • Saturday 26 --- 7am-11pm
  • Sunday 27 --- Closed


  1. 🍺 🍻 Can't wait for them to open again. The owners are super nice folks and we wish them all the best success in the New Year! Good luck! 🍀

  2. My Christmas wish came true early. Yay!

  3. Is the new boling elley all most done also.


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