Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Rallying Cry For Downtown Dorchester

Today, we share with our readers an exchange from our social media account.

There's no doubt, Dorchester's downtown needs a shot in the arm.

That's why we posted on our Facebook account the following: "Dorchester must support Tyser Auto Sales and Tyser Repair.  Let's take back our downtown, building by building. We start by promoting our existing businesses."

Tyser Auto Sales replied a thoughtful remark.  

They wrote: "Thank you Vil Dweller. After spending two-plus weeks without City Slickers Bar and Grill being open, I hope everyone in town understands how important every business in Dorchester is. 

"First State Bank, Donna Hair Creations, Barley Specialties, Farmers Cooperative -- sorry if I left anyone out. Just looking at main street.  If anyone wants to see this town grow, it is especially true now. As a business owner, I can feel the pain Jason and Kathy (City Slickers' owners) are going through, as they rebuild with the hope that everyone supports them in the end.  Without them, we would be losing a business and a part of history of Dorchester; we can not afford to lose another business.  So keep your heads high and show these people that you will support them, in good times and bad.  

"Thank you all for what you do for beautiful downtown Dorchester. It's all we have."


  1. It takes MONEY to improve main street. Someone must be WILLING TO BUY the buildings, put the MONEY into them to RENOVATE, and then PATRONIZE the businesses that occupy those buildings. Business owners have to be smart enough to realize they need to bring customers from outside of the village, be it online sales or having a specialty for outsiders to drive here for. Two problems as I see it..

    1. Everyone wants to use SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY be it the government's, their neighbors, anyone's but their own.

    2. No one wants to spend TIME and RESOURCES to ORGANIZE. We need LEADERSHIP.

    1. What if we took 1% of what we're spending on each student at Dorchester Schools and sent it to econ. development? We might actually have more jobs here, housing here.

  2. It's about time someone tell it like it is.

  3. Really appreciate this story. Thank you.

  4. With the problems our Legion is having money wise why not kill two birds with one stone? Because our bar is closed why not take advantage to our Legion and OPEN it up. They could serve coffee and Tea for our morning crowd and Beer and Drinks starting maybe 4 P.M. Use the kitchen there and have Soup and maybe just Hamburgers. It could be a good way to get our Legion rolling again and give people somewhere to go. Everyone wants to support our local businesses however ya can't buy a car everyday or have a vehicle repaired if you don't need to or if your lucky you don't need to buy gas more then a couple times a week. If you want us to support local business give us something to support.


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