Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sources: City Slickers Renovation To Be Completed By Dec. 1

The Dorchester Times has learned that City Slickers -- Dorchester's one and only bar and grill at the present time -- will soon complete its interior construction project.  The completion of this project will allow for more seating, while offering patrons a bigger and better kitchen.

The renovation project has been in the works for the past year and a half. According to sources, the remodeling at City Slickers could be finished by Dec. 1.  

The owners of this famous eating establishment plan to host a "grand re-opening" party next month, we are told.

Last year, this blog reported that City Slickers and its owner had a strong interest in establishing a new Dorchester bowling alley.  However, we are told that project is on hold for the time being, due to the large expense and unforeseen costs connected to the kitchen and dining area renovation project.

Dorchester area residents are strongly encouraged to patronize and financially support City Slickers, according to town leaders.

Some residents have suggested that the village board or community foundation do more to work with City Slickers to help encourage the development of a bowling alley in the two buildings north of the bar and grill (one of those buildings is badly blighted and vacant residential space).  We are told that encouragement has not gotten any traction.

There is strong demand for a social and entertainment venue in Dorchester and surrounding area.  Friend and Crete both lost their bowling facilities in recent years. Milford has no such facility, either.  As a result, those who want to bowl on league teams must join a long waiting list before they can bowl in nearby towns like Wilber or Seward.

City Slickers Bar and Grill is owned by Jason and Kathy Duhrkop, who purchased the establishment in 2013 from Rob Parks, who had owned Joe's Place since 2009.

The modern history of the current space occupied by Joe's Place/City Slickers dates all the way back to 1952, when local legend Joe Ladman bought the building and started Joe's Place, which operated until 2004 when Ladman's son-in-law, Dewayne Schmale, sold the bar to Verna Lewis.  For a short time, the bar was known as the Blue Moose, until it changed hands again in 2007, under Sheryl Olson, and was known as the West Side Saloon until 2009, when it again became Joe's Place.

City Slickers owners say "their goal is for customers to come in hungry and leave satisfied."  The Duhrkops want the establishment to remain a staple in the community for many years to come.

Community members say they enjoy the food and environment of City Slickers -- and we agree


  1. Great bar, great food, great owners! Can't wait to see the new addition.

  2. I agree. Great owners, dorchester needs this important part of main street to be successful. If you don't support this, what will you support? Go City Slickers, and maybe start a memorbillia area of old Joes Place artifacts

  3. No one has worked for days act this place since the fire and Rob and Sherri still own the building for another year atleast


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