Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tonight's Scary Show -- Twilight Zone: 'You Drive'

It's Halloween week. 

All this week, the Dorchester Times will air the scariest episodes of the classic TV show "The Twilight Zone."  

We've selected these episodes of "The Twilight Zone" because we find that these 30-minute programs are wildly creative, spine-tingling tense and yet family friendly.  The imagination and quality of these old TV shows far surpass any of the "scary shows" produced today, in our humble opinion.

Tonight's episode is called "You Drive."  Driving home from work, distracted businessman Oliver Pope (Edward Andrews) accidentally hits a bicycle-riding boy. Panicked, he flees the scene.  

At home, he pretends that everything is OK, though his wife Lillian (Helen Westcott) can see that he is upset. Then they hear their car, parked in the attached garage, sounding its horn, as though it had something to say.  Long before smart cars, long before Stephen King wrote "Christine," this Ford Fairlane displayed an attitude all its own.

Enjoy tonight's episode.  But be sure to leave an extra light on.

See the episode by clicking

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