Thursday, October 29, 2015

Random Thoughts: Vacant Homes, Prisons, Potato Dinner

Here are some random thoughts on this blustery October day:

Prisons In Nebraska:  Earlier this year, the Nebraska Legislature got soft on crime, watering down several provisions of the state's criminal code.  We were disappointed that state Senator Laura Ebke joined the majority in passing a bad bill.  The far left in the Unicameral, along with some libertarians, say we just have too many people in jail nowadays, and that 30 years ago, the state would have simply slapped such people on the wrist and utilized probation.  The picture above is that of a 22-year-old arrested this morning in Shelby for a shooting.  Thirty years ago, how many individuals like this did you see walking among us (at least outside of a carnival freak show)? How common are such lost souls today? The truth is, we don’t have enough jails and prisons.  Protect innocent, law-abiding Nebraskans at all costs, we say.

Vacant Properties:  We've noticed the increase of vacant homes in Dorchester, including a couple on main street.  Small towns like Dorchester are hard hit by vacant homes and commercial properties, and often lack the resources and expertise that some larger cities can bring to bear on the problem. For our money, no one is better situated than the members of the village board to to articulate a long-term vision for the community and lay out a strategy to get those houses filled or on the market.  In the past, we've called for a blight tax.  Whether or not that is the right solution, we hope our elected town leaders and the village employees will communicate with property owners to formulate an abandoned property strategy. While vacant properties are a problem, they also represent an opportunity for revitalization and community redevelopment.  By reusing abandoned properties, towns of any size can improve neighborhoods, build new markets, and enhance their quality of life.  Why wouldn't we get on the ball and do so right away?

FBLA's Baked Potato Feed Is Thursday: Dorchester Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is holding a baked potato dinner Thursday, beginning at 5 p.m. at the school prior to the Longhorns' regular season finale.  Be sure to show your support for the FBLA, as well as the ladies in Orange and Black.


  1. Lost souls. A very accurate description.

  2. I'm disappointed in Ebke, period! I think she forgot who her constituents are, the ones who voted her into office. She won't get my vote again!

    1. When you run in high society, you don't get out to the Walmarts of the world or rough neighborhoods. You forget how sketchy some corners of our society have become, and our most desperate citizens are constantly encouraged by a violent, blood thirsty culture in movies, internet and video games.

      Nebraska doing away with the death penalty and lessening criminal offenses? Have you given up on pot and gone straight to the crack cocaine?!

  3. I agree that Ebke is a big disappointment. She didn't get my vote the first time & never will. And Steve is right, too. Ebke comes from a well-to-do family in Fairbury. She's never had to go hungry or wonder if she would be homeless due to a job loss.


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