Friday, October 9, 2015

Dorchester's Tax Delinquencies List

Who in the Dorchester area is delinquent on their property taxes?

Well, the good news is there aren't many.  In fact, Dorchester in 2015 has the best record of any community in Saline County for on-time property taxpayers.  (That's right, Saline County -- Dorchester taxpayers are best when it comes to timely payments.)

However, there are five properties in town and one in the nearby countryside that are late on their property taxes.  Here they are:
  • DORCHESTER VILLAGE ALL OF LT 802 and N 1/2 LT 803 -- AMOUNT: $672.60
  • DORCHESTER VILLAGE LOT 1057 and S 36' OF LT 1058 -- AMOUNT: $552.68
  • DORCHESTER VILLAGE 2ND ADD. W 10' OF S 80' LT 4 BLK 11 -- AMOUNT: $184.20
  • DORCHESTER PRCT N 1/2 NE 1/4 (EX. PARCEL 34, 37, 38) SEC 12-8-3 72.01 ACRES -- AMOUNT: $2,684.44
Why should you care? Pay these taxes on these delinquent properties, and you could eventually become the owner at a bargain price.

For more information, see the County Treasurer's website here.

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  1. Before you go paying someone's property taxes with the idea you're going to get a bargain; 1) check to see if there is a lien on the property, because the lien holder can take it and you're out that money you've paid (unless you want to pay off the lien, too) 2) check with a realtor to make sure the property is not in foreclosure; but if it is, you can usually negotiate a deal with the lender to pay off the balance of the mortgage 3) be prepared to pay the taxes on a property for a few years before you can claim it, because you have to give the owner sufficient time (usually 6mo. - 1yr) to repay the money you spent on their taxes. Only if they fail can you force ownership.


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