Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nebraska Named One Of America's Happiest States -- Again

Congratulations, fellow Nebraskans.

The financial website WalletHub.com reports that in addition to financial security, well-being also depends on one’s mental and physical health, job satisfaction, positive feelings, environment, social connectivity and general outlook on life.  In thier latest study, WalletHub considered all of these elements to identify the states that are home to the happiest Americans.  

In the study, Nebraska is ranked as the nation's sixth happiest state.  

Nebraska's top scores were in the following categories:

  • Community, environment and recreational activities. 
  • Lowest long-term unemployment rates.
  • Lowest divorce rates. 
  • Shortest commute times. 

The happiest states, according to the study, are Utah, Minnesota and Hawaii, while the unhappiest states are Kentucky, Alabama and West Virginia.

If you'd like to see the full study, click here.

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