Friday, March 27, 2015

OUR VIEW: Dorchester Public School Has Much To Celebrate

In a day and age when the mainstream media concentrate on the negative events shaping our world, we are choosing today to spotlight the positive taking place in our little corner. 

The students and faculty of Dorchester Public Schools just held their third-quarter Excellence Rally -- a tradition started in recent years to celebrate the many accomplishments that take place inside the classrooms at Dorchester Public Schools.

Without a doubt, Dorchester and its school have plenty to celebrate right now.  

Just last month, we reported that the latest results from the Nebraska Performance Accountability System (NePAS) tests show the following:
  • 84 % of Dorchester students met or exceed state standards for reading; 
  • 76 % met or exceeded state standards for math; and 
  • 74 % met or exceeded state standards for science.
Moreover, the statewide test results show Dorchester's "prime time learners" -- 5th through 8th graders -- outperforming their peers in neighboring school districts in almost every academic area.  

So go ahead, Dorchester students and faculty -- celebrate! Take some time to appreciate your hard work.

You've earned it.

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  1. Makes you proud to be a Longhorn alumnus!


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