Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Area Firefighters Responding To Brush Fires

Do not burn anything.  Avoid starting lawnmowers.  And don't toss your cigarettes out the window.  

That's the message from area fire department officials. All of Nebraska remains in danger of brush fires following the record heat, and as the winds blow and grass has yet to green.

Yesterday, the Friend Volunteer Fire Department responded to a fire on Saline County Road 300, southwest of Friend.  It's unknown what caused the ditch fire, but the fire spread rapidly with the strong winds, according to a Facebook follower.  Thanks to a driver from Fairmont, volunteers were quick on the scene to fight the blaze.

Other reports of area grass fires -- in town and country -- are flooding in, whether it's from Pierce, Wahoo, North Platte, or Plainview.   Beatrice Rural Fire Chief Jim Engel says his firefighters had to respond to grass fires Sunday, fed by strong winds, according to KWBE.   

“The fire originated from a brush pile fire with a burn permit that had been written 35 days previously," Engel said. "So the wind rekindled the fire and started the fire going across a corn field.”

The fire burned through stubble in a corn field, but didn’t harm any structures. There is a report that three separate fires near Odell broke out Sunday with one burning a structure.

The National Weather Services has cautioned Nebraskans conditions are right for wild fires.

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