Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Looking Back: Dorchester's July 4 Parade In 1908

Imagine, if you will, the year is 1908.

Theodore Roosevelt is president.  Oklahoma has just joined the union as our 46th state.  And the first around-the-world car race has started in New York City.

And it just happens to be Independence Day.  

You're in Dorchester -- and you have a front row seat for the village's celebrated Fourth of July parade. 

The scene would have looked like this...

The amazing image comes courtesy of a postcard we've stumbled across.  The scene was captured by Dorchester's famed early photographer Russell Friedell.

The theme of Dorchester's 1908 Fourth of July Parade was "Comic Parade." 


  1. i love to see old pics like this. interesting to see how things have changed( or not changed) Keep em coming.

  2. I'm 55 and always wondered why Dorchester's brick buildings weren't preserved where the bank sits today. Now I know, the original buildings were wood. Thnks for posting this picture


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